Public Health Consulting Group (PHCG) is a company operating in the health sector whose mission is to support training, technical assistance, research and consultancy. PHCG has a high level of expertise in the area of tuberculosis, lung diseases and HIV/AIDS‎. The PHCG staff and consultants include some of the top names at the global level in this field. 

The PHCG organizes unique global courses on how to implement the new 2015 WHO End-TB Strategy. Over the last 15 years, more than half of the human resources managing TB and TB/HIV programmes around the world have been trained at the “Sondalo Course”, which is one of the WHO TBTEAM requisites to become international consultants for TB and TB/HIV. 

Technical assistance has been provided in dozens of countries across all continents as testified by the impressive amount of ‎training materials and guidelines developed, as well as by the collaborative research projects published in high level journals. For instance, ‎the PHCG staff recently led the development of the WHO Framework for tuberculosis elimination in low-incidence countries (2014).